Who are we

peymab Company (Private Joint Stock) was established in 1983 in order to carry out executive activities in the field of water infrastructure including damming, water transfer tunnels, hydroelectric power plants, urban sewage, irrigation and drainage of marine structures, oil, gas, petrochemicals, roads And transportation, industry, industrial and residential construction. According to organizational and organizational chart, various departments, including executive, technical, support and logistics, administrative and financial, with the relevant subdivisions, are tasked with the task description at the headquarters of the Damav Dam company under the supervision of the Managing Director.
The main responsibilities of the staff of Pembab Company at the headquarters of coordination, control, technical support and support are required for various workshops of projects under implementation.
The first large-scale construction of the Damavar Dam manufacturing company was the construction of a high-rise reinforced concrete dam and its hydroelectric power plant, which was launched in 1993. Then, as an active contractor, he entered a large area of ​​executive work in the country and so far he has been able to implement or undertake major national projects.

During the last years, the company has significantly increased the capabilities of its machinery and equipment for carrying out large-scale concrete and earth works and excavation in underground and open spaces, and today it is able to carry out the works in the most appropriate conditions of time and quality. To reach
Pembab Co., with its experienced technical and technical teams, has been able to connect with domestic and international contractors and contractors and make agreements as necessary for contract work. Pimab Co. is prepared to do large infrastructure works such as damning and tunnel construction outside of Iran and is ready to cooperate with contractors and investor groups.

The prospect of peymab Company on the horizon of the strategic document of the company

Pyamab Company not only plays an effective role in the development of this industry in the country, but also with the presence of a flexible system of productive systems, creative leadership, strong culture, appropriate technology and expert human resources as a specialized organization in the field of engineering services. Active in the regional markets as the premier contracting company in the areas of work defined by the top companies in the region.

Future plans of the company

Quality Development of Human Resources Continued presence in domestic and foreign projects Accelerating the completion and commissioning of ongoing projects (albeit with desirable breakdowns) Development of the scope of activities of companies in other fields, including roads, buildings, industry, oil and gas. Petrochemicals and equipment Increase profits and equity Participation with other companies active in the field of water and non-water industry for effective synergy in achieving development goals. The company’s duplication of activities to attract financial resources (fines) for use in projects

Introduction Board

ENG Abbas Sehat

Member of the Board and Deputy Executive


ENG Reza Ghobadi

Member of the Board and Technical Deputy

Dr. Mohammad Reza Kavianpour

Chairman of the Board


ENG Hamid Sabbagh Farshi

Managing Director